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We offer wet salted hides in a variety of grades and weight categories depending on our customers' needs and specifications. Our raw hides are salted and preserved to the correct standard by well-trained staff to ensure the hides are properly conserved and selected.



We are able to offer a selection of grades, sizes, and substances both in grains and full substance. Able to supply hides for all industries - upholstery, automotive, garment, shoes etc. 



We supply wet blue splits either whole or trimmed into butts, belly, and shoulders. Origins and selections suitable for suede, PU, lamination and industrial gloving.



We specialise in shoe, upholstery and splits crust from Eastern Europe, available to ship worldwide in all the base colours



Founded in 2009, we have grown our company based on our good and personal relations with both suppliers and customers. Our Director, Geoffrey Gluckman has over 45 years of experience in trading hides and skins and has a wealth of knowledge within the industry. Crown Hides is a family business with both Geoffrey's sons Adrian and Laurence involved. 


Our Eastern European business is run by Mr Piyush Jaipuria, Mr Gopi CV (ILG Crown) and Mr Amberish Jaipuria. We have a strategic partnership with MPKO in Gatova, Belarus. This tannery is LWG certified.


In Almaty Kazakhstan, we are shareholders of Almaty Tannery which produces wetblue and crust.


Our Southern Africa manager is Mr Riaan Joubert who has been with the company since its inception. Here we contract tan hides with various tanneries.  


We operate in China under the company name CGX, located in the Wuxi region of the country. From our warehouse there we primarily sell wetsalted and wetblue hides. This is managed by Ms Jin Min.

In India, we operate under the company name ILG Crown, located in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu. From our warehouse located there, we primarily sell wetblue and crust from various origins. This is managed by Mr Gopi CV.


For South East Asia and Japan Ms Jessica Sato and Mr Ricky Ali Shah are responsible for sales and marketing. 


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